To take care of your property is the most important for us
The most important thing for us is to take care of your property, we have estrict cleaning and mantainment controls to give the best to our guests and have happy owners.
We have an open channel with the owners daily.
We know that being away from your property can cause some concerns, therefore we are available at any time through Whatsapp or Facebook to listen to you.
If you need to decorate or furnish your apartment, we can do it!
As professional decorators, we know the best stores in Mexico to get quality and design at the best price, we can help you buy furniture or decorate your apartment without the need for you to be here and with the certainty that we will make the best decisions to get a successful place.
We can make your services payments.
We want to be an extension of you, we will go to government offices, talk to the cable company, pay for maintenance, etc. And in the end we will give you the account and the status of your property payments.
Your money goes directly to your bank account.
Once we start working together, you will give us the information of your bank account or paypal and the payments will come directly to you.
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